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Process overview

1. Melting & Casting

his process is designed to cast the slab with D.C casting method by removing impurities and performing degassing and solidifying treatments after putting ingot into the melting furnace. The production of multiple items in small q'ty is available due to use of variable mold. This Process is equipped with many kinds of the state of the art equipments enough to produce top quality aluminum alloys.

Main equipments

Melting Furnace : 23ton * 2units
Holding Furnace : 20ton * 1unit
Continuous Melting Device
Caster : 20ton/CH

2. Hot Mill

This process is intended to produce hot rolled coil with a thickness suitable for cold rolling process by applying hot rolling after scalping and soaking the cast slab. High quality hot rolled coil is available by the latest rolling mill that can also carry out quality analysis.

Main equipments

Slab Scalper : 1unit
Hot Rolling Mill : 1unit
Slab Homogenzing : 40ton * 4units

3. Cold Mill

This process is designed to control such requirements that products should meet as strength, thckness, elongation and other mechanical properies by performing cold rolling. Mostly the products with 0.3T~4.8T are available.

Main equipments

Cold Rolling Mill : 2units
Roll Grinder
Available Dimensions
- Thickness : 0.5 ~ 4.6mm
- Width : 500 ~ 750mm
- Outside Diameter : Max. 1,300mm

4. Finishing

This is final process producing kinds of circle, coil, sheets through shearing, slitting and annealing the cold rolled coil. We possess automatic blanking press, slitting machine combined with washer and micro-flat functioned mini shearing machine which can supply various kinds & small q'ty quality sheet with early delivery.

Main equipments

Automatic Continuous
Blanking Press : 5units
Annealing Furnace : 15ton * 3units, 4ton * 1unit

5. Slitter Line

Process Slitter Line
Coil Weight 3 ton
Thcikness 0.3 - 4.7 mm
Tolerance + - 0.05 mm
Output 1,000 ton

6. Shear Line

Process Shear Line
Coil Weight 3 ton
Thcikness 0.3 - 4.7 mm
Tolerance + - 0.01 mm
Output 600 ton

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